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Design & Stylish Jewelry

Brivizo Jewelry

Spanish Jewelry Brand Since 2007

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New Collections

Complement your look with jewelry from the new Brivizo collection. Find stunning handmade jewelry for every day — a unique ring, bracelet or pendant and enjoy the our amazing product design

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Find necklaces of noble materials with quality artisan finishes. Multiply the effect by mixing chains of different lengths and textures, customize your style

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Earrings as a gift

Sometimes the best gift is the one you choose yourself. Discover our gold earrings perfect for the most important person on your life

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Brivizo Jewelry Gold Gift Barcelona Spain

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11% Ring & Earrings Aquamarine Buttons

Ring & Earrings Aquamarine Buttons


151€ 170€

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25% Nature Wood Silver Hearrings

Nature Wood Silver Hearrings


45€ 60€

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17% Silver Bracelet with green petals

Silver Bracelet with green petals


125€ 150€ Silver 525 gilded bracelet with green enamel petals

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17% Silver Bracelet, Buttons witn Red Enamel

Silver Bracelet, Buttons witn Red Enamel


125€ 150€

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13% Necklace Butterfly with colored enamel

Necklace Butterfly with colored enamel


130€ 150€

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38% Running Horses Unique Silver Pendrives

Running Horses Unique Silver Pendrives


125€ 200€

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18% Elegance Earrings stars

Elegance Earrings stars


330€ 400€

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8% Elegance Earrings Clever

Discounts up to 70%

Brivizo jewelry sales with discounts are here! Buy your favorite jewelry at an incredible price. Discover the amazing rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or charms and create your unique and different look for every day

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Exclusive Barcelona Collection Jewelry

Barcelona Collection jewellery from Brivizo — unique, bespoke design high-end jewel creations with diamond, pearl and colored gem stone. You can order or find fabcy necklaces, bracelets and other trendy women's jewelry. Explore the unique handmade jewelry available online at Brivizo

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Jewelry gifts for children

Our children's jewelry gifts for boys and girls are elegant souvenirs that will always remind you of this truly special time — childhood

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